Customer Attraction Academy

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Customer Attraction Academy is a Business Growth School dedicated to creating a high level of success for businesses by teaching the skills necessary for attracting and keeping customers.

The Academy’s core purpose is focused on helping Marketing professionals and Entrepreneurs apply five core competencies:

i) Understanding why customers buy

ii) Matching what your business has to offer with the value customers expect

iii) Building a powerful and confident business brand that successfully attracts customers and opportunities

iv) Effectively communicating to the right audiences for your business

v) Infusing marketing efforts to build a profitable framework, that drives repeat business

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Praise for Customer Attraction Academy

Getting on Customer Atrraction Academy was clearly one of the best decisions I made for my business, and that is no exaggeration. The immense lessons I have learned are too numerous to mention. I bless the day I connected with the Academy and its Founder, Anurika Azubuike, and I am blessed that we are working together in ensuring that I and my business grows stronger, bigger and bolder.
Tola Salau
Social Entrepreneur and Founder, Carisma4U
Enrolling in the Academy helped me diagnose the issues my fast expanding business was going through, and it was broken down in a clear cut way. I had time based action plans, broadened my vision beyond what I had planned. If you need to get it right with your business, then Customer Attraction Academy and Anurika Azubuike is money worth spending.
Morenikeji Onigbanjo
Fashion Entrepreneur and Founder, Ahdookeh 
Before getting on one of the classes on Customer Attraction Academy, I had struggled with identifying who my ideal customers were. Now that I have taken the class, I know who I’m selling to and how to go about it. The biggest thing I loved about the class was the fact that I was made to really think deeply. I will recommend Customer Attraction Academy to people over and over again. Anurika Azubuike is just amazing – Beauty and brains. I learned a lot, I can say more than what I paid for.
Aisha Munir
Beauty and Business Consultant
There’s is an awesome lady whom I stumbled online just by a stroke of luck. It has been an insightful experience working with her in her Academy on attracting more customers. It has been more than I bargained for. The unique thing about her is her genuine concern about the growth my business. I appreciate you, Anurika Azubuike, and team. Keep the excellent work up
Ayantola Khafeelah
Food Entrepreneur and Processor; Founder, Zea Mays Foods